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Established in 1989, Group Solutions, Inc. is an award-winning small business based in Atlanta, GA.

We have worked with hundreds of companies and executives around the world on breakthrough strategies that rely on transparent and open input from employees, customers and stakeholders.

We help leadership teams excel using team-based processes that are transparent, inclusive and highly interactive. Our structured planning models reduce the time and complexity of strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, restructuring, strategy development, complex project management, and operational planning.

We facilitate innovative processes that blend machine learning and expert review to insight and savings and insight from unstructured data.

What Differentiates Our Work?

Over 40 years of experience delivering complex strategies, organizational change, power facilitation and partnering solutions with strong participant buy-in and support for implementation.


Results that make a real difference

Proven Success

97% client return rate


Commitment to project success: our team is your team

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Mr. Vern J. Herr, Partner

Mailing Address

Box 105603, Atlanta, GA 30348 5603

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138 Shelton Lane - Eatonton, GA 31024-6866



Additional Business Info

SAM Unique Entity Identifier (UEI): LZF5AGT6KYK3
NAICS: 541611- Administrative Mgmt. & General Management Consulting Services

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    Recent Experience

    Read about the clients we’re serving

    "Their ability to bring diverse and often contradictory viewpoints together and find agreement on common areas of significance is exceptional."

    "They were very responsive and willing to put telling the tough truth ahead of the risk of not getting repeat business."

    "They facilitated a potentially hostile workshop in a very professional and efficient manner."

    "They helped the Team set realistic expectations for what could be achieved, managed some extraordinarily difficult personalities and kept the process moving on a very tight schedule. "

    "Their facilitation coupled with a “sixth sense” for evolving group dynamics enabled us to “herd the cats” toward an overall strategy that increased organizational effectiveness. Their copious documentation of results and detailed next steps provided a road map for leadership action and a sound basis for follow-on leadership conferences."

    "The contractor exhibits exceptional interpersonal skills and excellence in oral and written communications."

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    The World has changed….and we’ve responded.

    Since March 2020, a global pandemic has altered how teams interact, but the complexity and stress of organizational challenges haven’t.

    Social distancing has required teams to make Slack, BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, Google docs, Basecamp and Zoom part of their tool kits. We’re experienced with all of them and can work with whatever tools your team is most comfortable using. Working virtually has been a specialty of ours since 1993.

    While we look forward to safe face-to-face meetings in the future we have delivered successful virtual outcomes for teams at AFWA, Georgia Tech, The Carter Center, NC WRC and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


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    In this essay, Holly Green at Forbes discusses 10 roadblocks to innovation. Organizational success is a wonderful thing. But it’s also a double-edged sword. As organizations experience success, their emphasis tends to shift to protecting and Read more…