Since 1991, Group Solutions has trained over 5,000 managers, from officers to first-line supervisors on a variety of Intellectual Property (IP) topics that have included:

  • Trademarks, Patenting and Reduction-To-Practice
  • Copyrights
  • Proprietary Information
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Software Management
  • Revenue Stream Creation From Patents.

New revenue streams have been created, contracts negotiated more effectively and the patent portfolio increased dramatically. Important measures for safeguarding competitive advantage, overlooked in the past, are now in place.

Did you know?

  • If you disclose information on one of your ideas to another party, they can patent your idea and charge you a fee to use the idea you gave them?
  • Even if there is no physical copyright notice on a work it may not be OK copy it?
  • Software help lines provide a vehicle for software companies to gather the information they need to present a facts case before a judge, get a warrant, and send the federal marshals into your buildings to search for pirated software?
  • It is a copyright infringement to copy a comic strip from a newspaper and hang it on a bulletin board, circulate it or use it in a training session?
  • • Your company trademarks need to be used in keeping with designated graphic standards, even when used internally, and actively policed outside the company or rights can be lost to a valuable mark? Trademarks like aspirin, kerosene, escalator and lanolin were lost due to a failure to protect them by the original owner.
  • Your PC’s delete key erases a file address; the data remains until it is written over?
  • New revenue streams can be created by changing the way you work with vendors?
  • You can “wire together” existing patented ideas and file for a new patent on the resulting idea?

Why should you be concerned about how your company manages Intellectual Property?

Because a man with a briefcase can steal more than any man with a gun!