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MegaProject Charters and Partnering

  • A multi-party conflict resolution charter for a $1.75 billion design-build construction project
  • A hierarchical decision-making matrix and conflict resolution process for new hospital construction
  • Creation of a 20-year partnership that has generated over $200 million in shared revenue

Enhanced National Security, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

  • Collaborative review that identified critical strengths and weaknesses of a $24B defense project
  • Revitalized and clarified mission, vision and values for a global Intelligence team
  • Multi-stakeholder consultancy forums for emergency preparedness, bioterrorism and radiological planning

Revitalized Organizational Strategy and Operational Efficiencies

  • An updated 10-year plan for Migratory Bird management involving over 700 staff and stakeholders
  • Identification of critical “stop doing” activities
  • Updating strategy and focus for a $1 billion philanthropic endowment
  • Re-structured state agencies aligned with the needs of customers and stakeholders
  • Over $200 million in new consulting business

Environmental Conflict Resolution

  • Inclusion national staff and stakeholder input in a 10-year update of FWS Migratory Bird Program strategy
  • Structured decision making and stakeholder guidance for managing river flows on the Tallapoosa River
  • Improved population modeling validating the appropriateness of de-listing of endangered species
  • 100% buy-in from 17-counties on a shared storm and water management plan for Metro Atlanta
  • Establishing effective governance for multi-state and interagency conservation efforts

Structure and Governance for New Partnerships

  • $1 million raised to research emerging threats to recreational fisheries
  • Collaborative development of mapping tools that enable conservation managers to identify the best adaptation strategies to landscape conservation threats

Effective Scoping and Public Engagement

  • Congressional funding for 15 of 15 proposed MS coastal restoration projects after Hurricane Katrina
  • A regional reservoir operation plan for 42 lakes based on community input and expert review
  • A $72 million national advertising program to promote recreational fishing and boating

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