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Group Solutions, Inc. helps teams excel through interactive technologies and team approaches to project facilitation and strategic planning. We leverage leading-edge approaches in technology to enhance the speed and effectiveness of collaboration.

Could you use some help on your next big project?
How will you establish team support for decisions and difficult choices?

How will you ensure everyone who wants to be heard gets a chance to participate?

How will you ensure meetings and and conferences are productive?

How will you manage conflict and dominant personalities?

Since 1991 we have helped teams excel with interventions that are transparent, open and highly interactive. We help large teams participate effectively in information gathering, alternative evaluation and decision-making. This leads to decisions with high levels of team understanding and support.

Our experience includes facilitation of successful strategic planning and organizational redesign for corporate, non-profit and government clients.

We have moderated environmental conflicts that include water disputes, endangered species management and governance for new partnerships. Our public scoping processes have enabled thousands of stakeholders to contribute meaningful input to reservoir studies and hurricane recovery planning. We have facilitated breakthrough collaborations that recognize if long-term conservation efforts are to be successful a new generation needs to experience the great outdoors.

We manage large conferences where new information is exchanged and common action items are identified and prioritized using full audience participation.

We can rapidly capture broad organizational input and requirements, translate them into courseware and deliver customized training.

Facilitating diverse and highly-charged groups is not for the faint of heart. We bring the right mix of empathy, interaction, and crowd control and clock management to accomplish process goals. We know when it’s time to slow down and be flexible and when it’s time to drive the group hard.

Our capabilities to tap and capture effective feedback from large and diverse teams rapidly and completely are exceptional. Session participants consistently rated our methodologies as “breakthrough” and “best ever” because they get 2 to 3 times the real work accomplished as traditional approaches usually do.

Why Group Solutions?

We know how to make groups work!

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