Leadership of the Deloitte & Touche audit team recognized weaknesses in an independent client satisfaction assessment. While their audit practitioners rated high for specific technical competencies, ratings for understanding of specific business and industry/sector issues was much lower.

Better tools and approaches were needed for audit team members to feel comfortable meeting with client executives. Better understanding of the client management’s thinking were needed to better focus audits and add other services

Group Solutions was engaged to design customized approach to improve knowledge of business/industry and client needs.

The goal of the process was not to make auditors consultants, but to enable them to identify and validate external industry forces to have more effective dialogue with C-suite executive conversations.

Pilot programs were run in the Tri-City market. Over $200million in new consulting business resulted from these improved interactions . Based on these successes, workshops were commissioned in 20 offices nationwide where participants had an opportunity to:

  • Learn key messages and communication styles for working with Client Executives
  • Develop skills and confidence for using the tools and process with clients
  • Practice using the new tools in a safe environment

Implementation lead to an improved approach to customer focus centered on client and public needs by a continuous improvement approach based on sharing of knowledge supported by well aligned business processes.