The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies wanted to update a long-term strategic plan with input from State and territory leaders. They engaged Group Solutions to design and facilitate an inclusive process that would include input from AFWA staff, U.S. and Canadian partners and affiliates at the U.S. Department of Fish & Wildlife.

AFWA writing teams were formed to create sectional drafts for individual portions of the plan. These draft elements were presented and refined at the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference in Omaha in March 202. This coincided with the appearance of Covid virus and required a radical re-think to the original outreach process.

Regional groups were receptive to working virtually and additional review of the draft document was undertaken by 6 regional teams working iteratively. This likely resulted in greater participation than would have been possible had the process relied on face to face meetings.

A provisional final draft was prepared for Executive Committee review and further refined for the Association’s annual meeting in September. Final concerns were captured and amended prior to presentation at the Annual Meeting.

The draft plan was reviewed by membership, approved and adopted unanimously in September.

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