The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles employees over 4,500 people and includes the Florida Highway Patrol, Division of Motor Services, Division of Administratitive Services and Information System Administration.

The Department was experiencing historic low morale levels. A broken evaluation system and budget constraints prevented raises for superior performance and incented managers to maintain non-performers. There was widespread belief it was impossible to fire an employee. A new Director sought answers to these challenges.

Group Solutions provided management analysis, consulting, analysis, executive coaching and neutral 3rd party facilitation for a comprehensive planning process.

The process included statewide listening sessions where a broad cross-section of employees could spell out what was working well, identify immediate opportunities for improvement and express concerns about resources and workplace safely freely, without fear of retribution.

Interactive technology and skilled facilitation enabled full participation of all team members, rapid prioritization of alternatives, identification of consensus-based outcomes and full participation of all team members.

The Senior Leadership team committed to approve and implement all workable solutions brought forward. This lead to a growing appreciation that while the Legislature controls budgets, Agency leadership determine whether or not the organization is a great place to work.

The need for an improved evaluation process that could both reward high achieving employees and offer development or transition alternatives for underachievers quickly emerged.

This process was implemented successfully and recognized by the Governor as a best-in-class example for other State Agencies.

Supported by feedback from this process, requests for significant resource, safety and pay upgrades were ultimately approved by the Florida Legislature.