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Group Solutions provides process design, facilitation and technology that help decision makers include perspective from key citizens, customers and stakeholders in strategic planning…typically on demanding timelines.

Our conflict resolution work focuses on being proactive. We help diverse groups participate appropriately in information gathering, alternative evaluation and issue prioritization on the front end of processes where it can have the greatest benefit.

Our facilitation style is high-energy and hands on. We frequently use leading edge technology to improve the openness and transparency of collaborative activities whether they occur face-to-face or in videoconferenced, virtual environments.

Our experience includes successes with:

  • Consensus-building and facilitation of initiatives that involve diverse, contentious stakeholder group issues with a wide array of technical knowledge.
  • Large, multidisciplinary and inter-jurisdictional stakeholder groups that span academic, governmental, commercial and conservation interests.
  • Identifying consensus-based water quantity and quality planning alternatives that balance complex (and sometimes competing mandates) for power generation, navigation, endangered species protection, flood protection and recreational interests.
  • Regional and national environmental and water resources planning, public policy development, and regulation.
  • Development of project web portals that enable effective public comment capture and categorization, a central location for project information and password-protected areas for project team collaboration.
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