At Group Solutions, our approach to client strategy is geared toward
maximizing the input of stakeholders, experts, customers, employees, and
the public. This enables our clients to provide the greatest amount of
involvement to the people most important to the solution. Many of our
engagements include hundreds or thousands of survey responses.
Additionally, clients are increasingly interested in monitoring ongoing
social media and other text-based data streams for additional insight
related to a strategy or a better understanding of a problem.

To better analyze unstructured text data for business insights, we have
turned to artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning and
sentiment analysis. Our new partnership with FORO (
speeds up insight analysis and helps us find complex thought patterns in
data. FORO also helps our clients better understand the feelings behind
the comments.

So now, all the text-based data our clients have collected over the years
can be brought to bear on new solutions. Machine learning and sentiment
analysis help provide business insights from documents, emails, and other
archived or current text data and social media streams.

We have new, even more, powerful tools to assist our clients — and we
will bring them to our next engagement with you.