Brett is the Founder and President of Group Solutions®, Brett is a world-class facilitator, consultant and leader with a 35-year history of success with public and private organizations. Brett’s high energy and vision has helped transform organizations, establish new governance structures, address wickedly complex challenges and strengthen nationwide conservation.

He is a broad thinking strategist with the ability to refine the message and define strategic delivery and consultation to deliver a 99% client return rate.

In addition to his work at Group Solutions, Brett is the founder of FORO, a technology partnership that leverages the strengths of group process, machine learning and expert review to reveal new insight from unstructured information that lead to breakthrough time and cost saving results.

Brett is an Internationally recognized pioneer in the use of innovative processes and leading edge technology for team-based collaborative activities. He brings vision, energy and a highly strategic level of thinking to any project.


U.S. Government Project Facilitation

  • Provided design and facilitation for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) mega-project partnering workshops for client, contractor and construction teams for relocation of a $1.75 billion Defense Mapping Agency. (2016-2023)
  • Planned and delivered USACE partnering workshops that have delivered a decision making matrix and conflict resolution process for clients, contractors and construction teams for construction of a $100 million replacement hospital at Fort Leornard Wood MO. (2020-2023)
  • Designed and delivered a national outreach process that included over 700 U.S. Fish & Wildlife (USFWS) staff and stakeholders for updating the Migratory Bird 10-yearStrategic Plan. (2018-19)
  • Planned and facilitated USFWS species workshops and forums for red wolf, gopher tortoise and manatee management teams that provided opportunities for stakeholder input, improved population modeling and management decisions. (2005-2019)
  • Inter-agency governance creation for South Atlantic, Gulf Coast & Ozark, Appalachian, Peninsular Florida & Caribbean LCCs. (2011 to 2018)

Information Technology Experience

  • Georgia Tech IT: Collaboratively developed a governance and operations models for technology and data and presented recommendations to Institute leaders. (2020)
  • INDOT: Facilitated creation of a machine learning algorithm for highway construction project bundling that identified a projected 4-year savings of over $100 million. (2020-2023)

Facilitation of Complex Relationships

  • Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies: Facilitated an international review and
    multiple revisions of AFWA’s strategic plan that included state and provincial
    input. Due to COVID requirements, all member meetings were conducted via
    Zoom. The final plan was unanimously accepted by all members at the annual
    meeting in September. (2020)
  • North Carolina Department of Wildlife Resources: Designed and delivered
    a highly interactive scoping process that included a survey of more than
    30,000 State Game Land users, regional listening sessions and three regional
    focus groups. Hunters and non-hunters worked together to deliver a set of
    compromise recommendations to WRC for Sunday Hunting on State Game
    Lands. (2020)
  • The Carter Center Board of Trustees: Facilitated an international review of staff
    issues and strategic direction for a $1 billion philanthropic organization. The
    review included interviews with global visionaries to spot long-term threats and
    opportunities. A formal briefing was presented to the Board of Trustees. (2019)

Additional Experience

  • Facilitated a stakeholder-based process for structured decision making and
    adaptive management for managing river flows on the Tallapoosa River that
    included local property owners, river users, Auburn University and Alabama
    Power. (2000-2015)
  • USACE Mississippi Coastal Improvements Process. Facilitated a stakeholderbased
    process that resulted in Congressional funding for 15 of 15 proposed
    coastal restoration projects after Hurricane Katrina. (2012)

Organizational Development & Team Building

  • Georgia Institute of Technology IT: Facilitated development of integrated
    governance and operations models for technology and data across student,
    faculty and leadership groups. The process produced recommendations for a
    first-ever shared investment approach across the Institute. (2020)
  • Brett is the author of Teamwork, The Winning Edge, and experiential program
    that blends theory and practical application to give participants practical tools
    for communication and problem-solving. This program has been delivered to
    over 25,000 workers, managers and executives.