The goal of this workshop is for participants to gain an understanding of the balance of skills necessary to operate successfully in a team. This workshop takes advantage of the power of experiential learning by allowing participants to practice new skills in a safe but unfamiliar environment. As a result, participants improve both leadership and follower-ship skills. Teamwork – The Winning Edge is designed to teach participants the leadership and facilitation skills necessary to operate in a team environment.


Upon completion of this workshop you will:

  • Understand team dynamics and the value of teamwork in developing solutions.
  • Know what it takes to lead a team and to work together with other team members.
  • Be aware of how individual style impacts team effectiveness.
  • Receive feedback on your team leadership skills.
  • Practice a technique for giving and receiving feedback when you return to the workplace.
  • Facilitate a step-by-step problem solving technique for addressing team challenges.
  • Understand the positive role that conflict plays in the effective team performance and how to use conflict to the teams’ advantage.
  • Appreciate the need for teamwork between all functions and levels within a working group.