The challenges People with Disabilities (PWD) face worldwide vary to an astonishing degree. What is an inconvienience in the industrial world is a matter of life and death in the developing world.

No international meeting had ever taken place where large numbers of experts from from developing and industrialized countries could exchange perspectives.

A forum was sought where people with disabilities worldwide could discussing common challenges, regional differences and begin to map a world wide action strategy. An international Congress for People with Disabilities was convened to coincide with the Paralympic Games and the 1996 Centennial Olympiad in Atlanta.

Group Solutions was engaged to plan and facilitate a multi-track 3-day world congress on increasing sport accessible for people with disabilities.

Teams of experts were tasked with identifying critical issues, refining them and bringing coordinated action recommendations forward United Nations and World Health Organization committees in a final plenary session.

Considerations for multiple language communities and attendees with speech, mobility, sight and hearing disabilities were critical.

Over 300 international experts collaborated on developing common action strategies for making global sports more accessible to Persons with Disabilities in five areas:

  • Defining an Human Rights Agenda
  • Defining the Future of Sports Opportunities
  • Expanding Opportunities for Employment & Economic Viability
  • Making Sports Opportunities Available to Children
  • Increasing Opportunities in Developing Countries through Sports