Worldwide, there is growing recognition that people with disabilities can and should be participating in a wide range of sport, yet the challenges people with disabilities face varies to an astonishing degree. What is an inconvenience in the industrial world can be a matter of life and death in the developing world.

No international meeting had ever taken place where stakeholders from developing and industrialized countries could share thoughts, best practices and recommendations for making sport more available to people with disabilities.

Over 300 international experts, many with mobility, hearing, sight and language disabilities were invited to the Congress to discuss common challenges, regional differences and begin mapping of a world wide action strategy.

Group Solutions was engaged to provide technology and facilitation for a highly interactive 3-day multi-track process that would capture perspective from a wide variety of stakeholders. Significant cultural, language and accessibility barriers needed to be overcome.

Over 300 international experts collaborated on developing common action strategies for Persons with Disabilities:

Defining an Human Rights Agenda
Defining the Future of Sports Opportunities
Expanding Opportunities for Employment & Economic Viability
Making Sports Opportunities Available to Children
Increasing Opportunities in Developing Countries through Sports

Consensus-based recommendations (over 80% support) from each track were presented and accepted by United Nations and World Health Organization Committees.