A strategic operational plan for the Department was requested. Prior efforts had produced 25-year perspectives that were poorly supported and poorly understood by Agency stakeholders. An atmosphere of skepticism surrounded past change efforts.

Funding cutbacks forced the Agency a review of programs and services. No review had sought activities that had outlived their usefulness. No one had ever asked stakeholders what they valued or expected most.

A means of capturing insight from statewide stakeholders and Agency employees was needed to better understand attitudes and values around the highly-valued Agency activities. A means of capturing demographic data and permitting “what-if?” comparison of the responses was sought.

Group Solutions was selected to provide process design, facilitation and technology for the outreach and planning process.

Over 1,500 stakeholders participated an a process of statewide surveys, regional focus groups and technical working teams. Input and weighted responses from these groups was used to develop and refined a range of alternatives for the State Game Commission.

For the first time, the State Commission was able to make decisions based on broad input from stakeholders. Significant new proposals on activities to stop doing emerged and were adopted. A clearer picture of stakeholder expectations helped to re-direct Agency resources. New dialog and partnerships with private landowners were initiated.

The process was initiated and completed in less than 90 days.