U.S. Air Force 67th Intelligence Wing

Rapid advances in information technology have drastically altered the world of intelligence gathering and the war fighter. Data, once available only to analysts, can now be found real-time on the internet and cable TV. Decisions that once could only be made by “boots on the ground” now commonly involve multiple observers in multiple locations.

No common Mission/Vision adequately captured the global activities of Wing and Squadron Commanders or provided guidance for a range of “sensor to shooter” decisions. Previous attempts to develop a common vision had generated generic “mom and apple pie” responses and ended in frustration. They sounded good, but weren’t really useful for much. A new approach was needed that would be specific enough to provide decision-making guidance for subordinates to make intelligent decisions in the absence of their superior officers.

Group Solutions was engaged to provide process design, technology and facilitation for a series of conferences that included more than 75 Wing Commanders and their direct reports.

Participants were guided through a facilitated process of mission/vision/values creation. The results were then evaluated in a series of scenarios to rate each element’s value in guiding difficult, real-world choices. The team debated and reached strong consensus on actionable mission/vision/values priorities that were relevant to guiding decisions.

Anonymous input and real time polling of the participants removed a natural tendency to “play to the boss” and lead to development of a strong support and understanding for the mission, vision and values of the Wing.

Feedback on the process and methodology was extremely strong. A recurring theme from the group was “This is the best approach I have ever seen for capturing input from 80 Type-A personalities.”

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