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Group Solutions, Inc. is an award-winning small business based in Atlanta, GA. Since 1991, we have helped leadership teams excel through design and facilitation of team-based processes that are transparent, inclusive and highly interactive. Our professional services enable large and diverse groups to participate appropriately in processes for information gathering, strategic planning and partnering.

Key Capabilities

  • Collaborative strategy and governance creation
  • Neutral 3rd party “power facilitation”
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Executive coaching and team building
  • Custom training and courseware development

What Differentiates Our Work?

    • Over 40 years of collective experience delivering successful solutions to complex organizational, environmental and partnering challenges
    • Delivery of processes that are transparent, inclusive and highly participatory
    • Ability to work across political, jurisdictional and organizational borders
    • We are process specialists, not subject matter experts
    • A high-energy and hands-on approach to engagements
    • Virtual methodologies for linking distributed project teams
    • Belief that the best way to predict the future to create it
    • Commitment to project success: our team is your team

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Established in 1989, we have worked with hundreds of companies and executives around the world on break-through strategies that rely on transparent and open input from employees, customers and stakeholders.

We help clients achieve results by:

      • Providing stakeholders a voice when choices are being made on big issues they care about
      • Using technology to increase participation, transparency and credibility for process outcomes
      • Understanding that technology never replaces active listening and helps us have better conversations about the right things!

Our use of decision-support technologies and structured planning models reduces the time and complexity associated with strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, restructuring, strategy development, complex project management, and operational planning initiatives.