Why can’t we just talk?


Groupware is a generic term used to describe a network of PC workstations that can enable “many-to-many” idea generation and team polling. Why is this one of our preferred alternatives for team effectiveness?

Simultaneous Input


There is no need to wait in line to be heard. Everyone in the room can be “talking” at the same time…and be understood

Participants can add new detail and comments to the ideas others have submitted. An idea only needs to be captured one time. It can be refined by everyone in the room
Much more ground gets covered in far greater detail. It’s common for teams to generate dozens of alternatives in only 5 or 10 minutes.



 No one knows who input what. Everyone has equal access to the process. Input is judged on merit; not who said it. Lions tend to become mice and mice become lions!

Senior Executives and subject matter experts alongside front line team members without influencing the dialog

“Happy talk” is significantly reduced. Participants can say what needs to be said and surface difficult issues without attribution.

Triggering & Enhanced Idea Generation


Because each participant can see every idea and comment, spontaneous triggering takes place. Unconventional ideas that might be risky in a face-to-face environment get considered.

Synergy & Focus


Technology permits us to have a more focused dialog about the right things. It does not replace face-to-face discussion. Computers don’t run the session. People do!

Automatic Capture of Transcripts


All input is captured and saved as it is entered. We eliminate all-nighters transcribing flip-charts and typically deliver final reports within 72 hours of session completion!