The U.S. Air Force 67th Intelligence Wing faced the task of leading a nascent organization of 10,000 people based world-wide with a shared mission and vision.

It was vital to formulate an approach incorporating diverse assigned tasks into one consistent way forward.

No common Mission/Vision adequately captured the activities of Wing and Squadron Commanders world-wide. Previous attempts to develop a common vision had floundered.

The generic “mom and apple pie” responses were of limited value for decision making. These session ended in ended in frustration.

Establishing congruence between the Wing’s varied missions was essential to meeting the global requirements of diverse customers spanning national agencies down through the entire chain of command to deployed and engaged units.

Group Solutions was engaged to design and deliver a collaborative process methodology for molding a congruent approach for the organization’s fifty-plus commanders and key senior civilians.

Comprehensive planning and execution ensured our leadership conferences were focused and productive. From initial key interviews, Group Solutions fully coordinated an approach designed to achieve the Wing’s desired objectives.

80 “type-A” wing commanders participated in this full and free exchange of ideas…and expressed a high degree of buy-in for the results.